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victoria omotoso

Dr Victoria Omotoso is an academic, speaker, writer and musician. She is passionate about being active in the intersections of faith, culture and academia.

Since graduating from her first degree of Music and Theology, Victoria has been adapting an interdisciplinary approach to her research and wider ministry. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter and lecturer at the University of Southampton.


At 17 years of age Victoria’s life changed forever. Victoria was diagnosed with lupus (SLE) and was at a critical stage by the time she was rushed to ICU. At that point the doctors had called her parents aside to inform them that Victoria had 48 hours to live. The lupus had ravaged a majority of her internal organs and her immune system was shutting down. Her parents took a Bible and made a written vow to God and signed by the both of them. 

The Bible had the verse from Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”. 

They vowed that if God would spare Victoria’s life, she would no longer study her intended course of medicine, but would study Theology and Music. 

Theology to represent the Word of God and Music to represent praise and worship. The power of prayer and God’s ultimate grace and mercy brought Victoria from the clutches of death back to life. The battle began as Victoria weighed only 28kg when she was finally discharged after 8 weeks in ICU. She had lost function of most of her muscles; she could not walk, stand on her own, eat, or write. 

Basic everyday tasks were a battle. Victoria had no memory of who she was or of her friends and family. She wrestled with understanding why something like this had happened. It was a raw and personal journey between her and God. But God again in His infinite mercy and grace, began to restore the former things that had been lost to Victoria.

The first was her memory began to return, she underwent months of physiotherapy to regain strength into her body. Two years later, Victoria was accepted to study BA (Hons) Music and Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds, as a fulfilment of the vow that her parents had made to God. 

To this day, Victoria continues to share her testimony of God’s saving power.

The Shalom Collective was founded as a way to share her journey through the Word of God, historical theology and music. 

“I will exalt you, LORD, for you rescued me.

You refused to let my enemies triumph over me. O LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you restored my health. You brought me up from the grave, O LORD.

You kept me from falling into the pit of death.”

Psalm 30:1-3.


Victoria began her academic journey after graduating from the University of Leeds with a joint honours Bachelor’s degree in Music and Theology. From there she garnered interest in Theology and went on to acquire an MA degree in Biblical Studies at King’s College London. At King’s, Victoria’s research interests in Bible reception, Bible and film and popular culture, began to emerge and framed the early foundations of what was to become her PhD thesis.


Within a year of completing her Master’s degree, Victoria started her PhD program at the University of Exeter, under the supervision of Professor Louise Lawrence and Professor David Tollerton. Her research led her to incorporate her cross-cultural upbringing into the fieldwork of the PhD project.


The project explored cross-cultural audiences’ responses from the UK and South Africa to the figure of Jesus in film. Since completing her PhD, Victoria’s thesis, Imag(in)ing Jesus in the Universal or Particular, is due for publication by Bloomsbury Publishing. 

Victoria is an honorary research fellow at the University of Exeter, a lecturer in Global Media Studies at the University of Southampton and a visiting lecturer at Sarum College, Salisbury and Trinity College, Bristol.


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Social Work and Popular Culture

So much of Victoria’s research interests emerge from her cultural upbringing. As a missionary kid, she has always been concerned for community, church and culture.

More information about the Difference Course is available here:

Victoria is involved as a contributor for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Ministry of Reconciliation with the Difference Course; the course is designed to navigate a divided world in the pathways of Jesus. 

Victoria also serves as a theological advisor for a series from Angel Studios, Testament. As part of her commitment to culture, Victoria continues to work with Christian film-makers and industry workers, ensuring that Bible literacy is easily accessible to all. 

Part of her work also involves education about decolonisation both in theological education and churches. In addition to her passion of engaging and sharing societal topics, Victoria is a contributor to Women Alive and Premier magazine. 


While Victoria continues to work in academia, music has always been an integral part of her mission. As part of the vow that was made by Victoria’s parents, Victoria continues to be involved in music through music ministry. She has been a worship leader for almost a decade in churches across the UK leading congregations into moments of worship.

Victoria is also part of a family band with her two brothers John and Victor. Together they started Grace n’ Crown in 2021 and they perform across parts of the UK in Christian and social events, such as Bristol Noise, corporate events, church ministrations and weddings.

Victoria also released a single, One of Us, by Warner Chappell Music. The single was recorded at Metropolis Studios in London by Liam Nolan (Adele, Jess Gylnne, Clean Bandit).

Music serves as an avenue for Victoria to continue to keep the vow of music made to God that night.

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